Dynamic Currency Converter

Multi Currency Converter With Auto Currency Switcher Feature.

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Dynamic Currency Converter

Multi Currency Converter With Auto Currency Switcher Feature.

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Advanced Price Rounding

First App to provide price rounding in “Five”, “Ten”, “Hundred” and “Thousand”. 3 rounding methods : “Automatic”, “Maximum” and “Minimum”.


Custom Exchange Rates

You can set up custom exchange rates for currencies, Also you will able to add price padding for a specific currency.


Website Speed Optimized

This is the fastest Currency Converter available with fast loading technology. Fully Speed Optimized, So that your website will not affect.

About Dynamic Currency Converter


Custom Exchange Rates

Add Price Padding

150+ Currencies integrated

Compatible with all other apps

First App which is fully compatible with Shopify Multi-Currency


It offers the maximum, so your work doesn’t get affected. 150+ Currencies integrated. Just wish and it delivers. It offers almost every currency conversion, including Bitcoin. Price conversion on the go, any device, any network, even if it Ajax. And add the currency you want with a push of a button (no other app offers you this much).


New Features

  • Now you can Hide Currency Converter from visitors on your store.

  • Advanced Rounding Feature

  • Format Currency with ISO and without ISO code.

  • Show original currency on hover.



  • Customize Decimals Rounding Numbers

  • It automatically finds the customer location and auto-switch to your customer’s local currency.

  • Live currency exchange rate from Shopify

  • You can easily able to change the default currency for a specific country.

  • 6 Nice templates for Currency Selector such as Currency with Symbol, Flag, etc. You can select the most suitable template for your site. (or you can ask support to modify it according to your theme)

  • Provide free support for customization and integration with other apps. (Like Pop up)

  • Easy to change the display of currency format.

  • It comes with a Developer tool to include Custom CSS.

 Why Choose Us 

  • Dedicated Customer Support

  • Better Designs

  • Better User Experience

  • Works with AJAX Carts

  • First Currency converter works perfectly with all other apps and ajax calls.


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