Privacy Policy

This privacy policy describes Plusbooster (our) policies and the process of acquiring information through its domain


Based in India, Plusbooster is a team of Shopify experts and designers. We help eCommerce stores to build, redevelop, and grow by offering tons of customized Shopify applications.

This page will give accurate information about our Privacy Policies, hence make sure to be familiar with them before taking any decision.

Though much information is presented on our site, hence any user obtaining such info from our website or our other sources is solely liable to verify the same independently.


Every time a user visits our website, we collect some information based on his visit and use the same as below ways-

  • Information in the form of cookies is automatically collected and locally get stored on our platform.
  • Subscribing to our newsletters gives us the data.
  • Information is shared via any contact form, button, chat, or quote request filled by the user’s end.


  • While visiting any page on our website, we will verify your location and will show you the details as per your location (e.g. $ will appear if the location is in the US and ₹ for India’s location)
  • Whenever you fill any form on our website, we collect your provided information. This information helps us to share prices in your local currency (e.g. quoting EUR for Europe and USD for the US).
  • We track your location from Google Analytics and other networks.
  • While subscribing to our newsletter or asking for quotes, we gather the information you enter such as name, email, and city.


At Plusbooster, we are committed to maintaining the trust and faith of the users and further bound to safeguard any personal information shared with us via our website-

To be more specific, here is how we use your data:

  • Your personal information like name and number helps us to connect with you and allows us to take the communication to the next level.
  • It also allows us to send you engaging themes, new products, and apps available for your Shopify store
  • The data helps us to track the audience and helps us find the ‘target audience’ i.e. you and their location.
  • Data assists us with the success rates of marketing campaigns and ads promotions.
  • Remarketing on Google, Facebook, and other search engines is fulfilled via acquiring users’ details.
  • Sending the newsletters and pricing is also achieved through the user’s information.

Additionally, we don’t share any of your personal information with third parties or with other national or overseas recipients.

Further, any transactions made through our site (e.g. buying packages) are kept safe and secure. We don’t store any credit card details or bank details in our systems. All such data is automatically erased from our back office.


Plusbooster is fully compliant with the IT Act (Information Technology Act, 2000) and its corresponding Information technology Rules, 2011 (“the IT Rules”), and strongly follow Article 21 of the Indian Constitution.

We under the privacy of an individual and ensure our best to secure any personal data acquired by us through the website.

At any moment, you can contact us to request a copy of your data collected from our website and stored in our system; though it will be chargeable.

Please Note: We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites whose external links have been shared on our store. We strongly urge you to read their privacy policies.


Whenever a new user joins our website, he is prompted with a ‘cookies’ request. Based on the below Plusbooster cookies categories/uses, he can make his decision wisely-

  • We collect cookies to show users valuable information and work on personalizing their experience.
  • Cookies enable and support our security features and identify any malicious activity violations of our T&Cs.
  • Further, the cookies allow us to understand, improve, and analyze the products across different locations.

Besides, at any point of time, you can delete cookies from your computer or mobile by following the browser or mobile settings. However, this will permit you from accessing or viewing certain features.


Apart from redesigning, we develop and integrate applications for Shopify stores. Perhaps, some of these applications are for single-store use and some are designed for commercial business ventures (used on numerous stores).

For our Shopify applications to work, we may have to access information on your store. Moreover, we may have to recover that information and store it (for a brief time or for all time) to execute the tasks an application is needed to do.

If we need to get to your Shopify store information, we will disclose it to you when the application is launched and you should consent to it.

In short, that implies we will:

  • Notify you which information we need to access and why after you have installed the application.
  • Maintain a record of all information we store.
  • We will only gather the information we need (or may require)
  • We will only save information for a short duration or until required.
  • Take wiser measures to guarantee the information is secure with us.


Plusbooster reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, hence make sure to review it frequently.

If any changes or clarifications are introduced to our privacy policy, we will notify you via post or email. The updated version will be immediately uploaded to the website and new amendments will be followed from therein.


If you have any doubts or need some explanations about this policy, then you are free to reach to our Privacy Compliance Officer at

In case you wish to view, correct, or erase any of your personal information from our site, you can write to us on the above-said email.

Plusbooster and all its subdomains are owned and operated by PlusBooster India and are the sole owners of this website.

Our physical mailing address is: PlusBooster, E-52, Phase 8, Industrial Area, Sahibzada Ajit Singh Nagar, Punjab 160071